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Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 4/3/2016

Square Enix Releases Kingdom Hearts Unchained X for Android & iOS, and Google refreshes its core app icons. 
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These are the new Google Play Icons that will be gracing your Android device in the near future. for more information check out our article. 

Sony released new PlayStation 4 Firmware V. 3.50 this week which included a slew of new features including Remote play w/ Windows and Macs. 
Check out our article here, and stay tuned for more information. 

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X was released for Android and iOS this past week in the US markets. It took Square Enix long enough to port this one over but regardless I'm happy its here. Find out more info Here & Here!!!

Other News:
  • Platinum Games turns 10 this year, That's right the game developer behind Bayonetta, and the upcoming TMNT as well as co-dev for Starfox Zero turned 10. They are celebrating with a overhaul to their website. Check it out Here!!!
  • Microsoft's Quantum Break is receiving overall pretty good review from a verity of outlet. Here!!! (Xbox Wire) 

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