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Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 3/27/2016

+Tesla is making moves and +Nintendo is going mobile. 
#TeslaMotors #Miitomo #TeslaModel3

Nintendo Launches Miitomo for both Android and iOS in the US and UK markets. For more information you can check out our article HERE!!! and Stay tuned for our Review coming soon...

So Tesla unveiled its first (pseudo)affordable car with the Tesla Model 3. This car will go a minimum of 215 miles on 1 charge (eat that petroleum) and has a 0-60 time blow 6 seconds. The Tesla Model 3 will easily fit 5 adults comfortably and it carries a 5 start safety rating. It will also have Auto-Pilot features as well Supercharging. All this at a base price of $35k. Tesla isn't playing games and this is proof. Stay tuned for more information also check out Tesla Motors for everything Tesla!!!

Other News:
  • The Force Awakes Releases on Bluray, DVD, and Digital Video. Get it on sale now on Amazon for $19.99
  • Google has fund with April fools Day by announced Google Cardboard "Plastic" read more here... 
  • Tomb Raider turns 20. 
  • Google kills off the Google Wallet Card. 
  • Batman Vs Superman hits the box office. I can honestly say that it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. Review Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...
  • Batman vs Superman Review
  • TBT Movie 
  • TBT Game
  • Watch face Wednesday 
  • Miitomo Review