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Disney Art Academy - Coming Soon...

Ever want to learn how to draw +Disney  characters? Sure we all do or have in the past. Disney will be releasing Disney Art Academy in the coming weeks on the +Nintendo 3DS.  #DisneyArtAcademy #WaltDisney #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS

New info on The Legend of Zelda Wii U and NX | News

For those who were waiting for a new Legend of Zelda this year will have to wait a little bit longer because the next Zelda game has been officially delayed until next spring.  #TheLegendOfZelda #Gaming #NintendoNX #Nintendo

New Nintendo Mobile Apps | Coming Soon

With the success of Miitomo +Nintendo first mobile app, #Nintendo plans to release 2 more this fall. #Gaming #VideoGames

Disney's Zootopia passes $900 Million at the Box Office | News

Walt Disney's cunning adventure featuring anthropomorphic animals is still racking in the $$$.  #Zootopia #BoxOffice #Disney

Weekly Wrap Up | Weeks of 4/10/2016 & 4/17/2016

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, including a PC / Network crash on our end, good thing we pretty much back every thing up on Google Drive.  #WeeklyWrapUp #Gaming #Tech #Movies

1ByOne Portable Speaker | Review

There are tons of bluetooth speakers out there, but not too many come with this type of quality at an affordable price. #1ByOne #Technology #PortableSpeaker

The Jungle Book 2016 | Review

Disney decided to make a Green Screen edition of the classic The Jungle book. Here's a Spoiler, Its better than you think... #TheJungleBook #Disney #Film #JungleBook2016

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Trailer | PAX East 2016

Gears of War 4 Makes an appearance at PAX East 2016. Check out the new Muliplayer Trailer. #GearsOfWar4 #PAXEast2016 #XboxOne

Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition | Manga

+Viz media  Announces The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition to be released later this year.  #TheLegendofZelda #Manga #VizMedia

Star Fox Zero Releases Tomorrow | Coming Soon...

The collaboration between Platinum Games and Nintendo will be releasing tomorrow. Fox McCloud is back.  #StarfoxZero #Starfox #Nintendo

The Xbox 360 turned 10

Its hard to believe that the Microsoft Xbox 360 has been around for almost 11 years now, They will continue to support it while supplies last...  #Xbox360 #Microsoft #Gaming

Nintendo Partners With SONIC | News

#Nintendo Partners with Drive-In chain #Sonic #SonicDriveIn

Bravely Second Launching This Week | Coming Soon...

Square Enix is readying to release the sequel to their 2014 hit Bravely Default.  #BravelySecond #SquareEnix #Nintendo3DS

Jungle Book (1967) | Throwback Review

In preparation for the 2016 remake, we revisit the world of the the 1967 classic “The Jungle Book”.
#TheJungleBook #MovieReview #Disney

The Jungle Book Studio: Walt Disney Productions | Buena Vista Distributions Genre: Animation Release Date: October 18, 1967 Movie Rating: G
Movie Description “Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear have a difficult time trying to convince a boy to leave the jungle for human civilization.” - IMDb
What’s Hot? Music is catchy The Nostalgia Likeable characters
What’s Not? Film feels dated Pacing feels a bit off Overall plot is a bit of a bore Lack character development

What is it? The Jungle Book is the story of a boy raised by wolves, who then needs to be convinced to leave the jungle due to a human hating tiger coming back into the area.
Story: 3 I'm trying to figure out whether it is the story that I don't care for or, if it is the execution that I don't like. The overall plot is basically Bagheera trying to convince Mowgli that he needs to leave the jungle fo…

Pokemon Manga Creators to make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2016 | Event

Pokemon Manga Creators Hidenori Kusaka, and Satoshi Yamamoto will be making their first appearance at Comic Con this year. #ComicCon2016 #ComicConInternational #Pokemon

YutaoZ Moto360 Charging Cradle Review | Tech Review

Need a Replacement Moto 360 charging dock but don't to spend the premium price? Amazon Seller YutaoZ has a solution for you. #Yutaoz #Moto360 #Moto360Dock

Square Enix announces PAX East 2016 Line Up

Square Release a list of games that will make an appearance at the upcoming PAX East event.  #PAXEAST2016 #SquareEnix #Gaming

Gears of War 4 Teaser Trailer | Coming Soon...

New Gears of War 4 Teaser Release Today title "Tomorrow". #XboxOne #GearsOfWar4 #Gaming

Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 4/3/2016

Square Enix Releases Kingdom Hearts Unchained X for Android & iOS, and Google refreshes its core app icons.  #Android #Gaming #Tech

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X | Now Available

+Square Enix  followed though and #KingdomHearts #UnchainedX is now Available on #Android & #iOS

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X | Coming Soon...

Square Enix is readying to release its first Kingdom Hearts mobile game for Android stateside. #KingdomHearts #KingdomHeartsUnchainedX #Android

Musashi is Incoming | PlayStation

Sony is readying its new system update for the PlayStation 4 code-named Musashi.  #PlayStation #SonyPlaystation #Gaming

New icons coming to an Android Device near you....

Google revealed new Android icons for its core apps. #Android #Google #GooglePlay

Weekly Wrap Up | Week of 3/27/2016

+Tesla is making moves and +Nintendo is going mobile.  #TeslaMotors #Miitomo #TeslaModel3