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What's On My Phone 8/19/2016

New segment time… we were planning on doing this for a while but never got around to doing it. Basically this is where we will state what apps and games we are currently using on our devices, whether it is our phones, Tablets or PCs. To keep it simple we will only show what is on our main desktop.
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Device: Google Nexus 6
OS: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) | August 5, 2016 Security Patch
Launcher: Google Nexus Launcher (Pre-Release)

About my Setup
I try to keep my setup as simple as possible. All my apps most used apps are easy to access due to the folder system that I’m using. I chose an HD wallpaper with a deep black background to take advantage of the battery saving AMOLED display.

Productivity Folder:
This is basically where I put my most used productivity apps. My app line up here is pretty boring to be honest. It consists of:
  • Gmail: Send and receive emails for multiple accounts. Easily the best email client out there.
  • Google Docs: This is my new go to app for all my word processing needs, plus I can collaborate with other people on projects. It also syncs with all my devices instantly. You can't beat this.
  • Calculator: It is the standard calculator that comes with all android devices…
  • YouTube Creators Studio: This is typically how I reply to my comments and view stats of my YouTube accounts.
  • Buffer: This is typically how I post across multiple social media platforms. This app can definitely use a face lift.
  • Google Drive: This is my cloud storage app of choice though Microsoft OneDrive is a close second.
  • Calendar: This is your standard Calendar app the ships with every Android Phone.  
  • Google Keep: This is Google’s note taking app, It has gotten a lot better over the years.
  • Google Adsense: This app allow me to monitor revenue and other stats…
Besides YouTube Creators Studio, Buffer and Google Adsense, all these apps are pretty much standard on all Android Devices.

Social Folder:
I am not as addicted to social media as i once was but I do like to make an appearance online occasionally. These are the apps that I use do that. Again this is a pretty boring list due that they are pretty much the official apps.
  • Fenix: This is currently my favorite Twitter app. At times it does have issues updating your time line and you will miss notifications as well. When it works properly, it is easily one of the best out there.
  • Facebook; This is the official Facebook App. It is as bloated as ever…
  • Google Plus: This is the Official Google Plus App. Not much has been done to improve this app in a long time. It is still plagued with the usual suspects like, failing to notifying you of notifications.
  • Twitter: This is the official Twitter App. While the experience of this app has improved over the years, you still feel like this is a “2 step forward, and 1 step back” ordeal. This app is plagued with sponsored posts and links. This is why i only use this app for business purposes.
  • Instagram: This is the official Instagram app and I have to admit they should win the Most Improved award. Pretty much everything that the fans wanted in this app the developers eventually produced. Like the Official Twitter app this app does have annoying Sponsored posts.

Gaming Folder:
Honestly speaking I was never a huge mobile gamer. If I want to play games I would usually just whip out my Nintendo 3DS or play a Console / PC game. Mobile games have gotten a lot better over the years though. Here are the Games / Game apps that I currently use on my phone…
  • Pokemon Go: Do I need to explain this app to people? Well, here goes “Pokemon Go! Is an AR (Augmented Reality) game that uses your smart phone sensors to give you a real world feel of hunting Pokemon.” - From our review of the game can be found HERE!!!
  • Xbox App: This is basically an overhauled version of Smartglass which allows you to interact more with the Xbox Live Community without being at your PC or Game Console.
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: This is Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game. It is surprisingly fun and addictive to play. Highly recommend it if you are a Kingdom Hearts Fan.
  • PlayStation App: Like the Xbox App, this app will allow you to interact with the PSN. You also have access to the PlayStation Store, so you can by content and it will automatically go to your PS console.

Banking Folder:
This is pretty self-explanatory…  This is where I put all my banking apps, and where I can manage my finances. Here are some notable apps that i have:
  • Bank Apps: These are you typically bank apps like; Capital One, Chase, American Express, HVFCU.
  • Credit Karma: Free app to monitor your credit…

Phone Folder:
My Phone basically acts as 2 phones, My personal and my Business phones. So I use a phone folder to manage this.
  • Phone: This is you normal dialer app found on vanilla / nexus android devices.
  • Messenger: This is the messenger app that I use for my personal phone number. It is made by Google, though I feel I will soon replace this app with “Allo” once it goes into the wild.
  • Hangouts Dialer: This is my secondary phone app that I use for business.
  • Hangouts: This is my business messenger app. I also use this for video calls.

Other Apps:
These are the other apps that i have on my desktop for quick access:
  • Spotify: This is my Music app of choice
  • Google (Now): Now that I’ve been using the Nexus Launcher I began to missing swiping to the right to access Google now. So I decided to put it at the center of my screen.
  • Google Chrome: Current browser of choice, but this may change soon.
  • Google Camera: Current camera app of choice.

After taking a closer look at my setup, I’ve realized it is not that interesting. I use default apps which is a shame being that there are so many apps out there. I intend on giving some other apps a try within a week or so, so next time it will be more interesting.

What apps are you using?
Show us your desktop…