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Verbatim Media Share 1TB Review


- 1TB of space 
- DLNA Supported
- Ease of use once set up
- You can expand the memory through USB port on the back of the unit
- For what it is, it is small and easy on the eyes
- Supports multiple user accounts
- Read speeds are genially fast when using it as a media hub

- The software that came with it is a mess
- The UI is not really user friendly
- Requires you to use a browse to access the UI
- It seems that only photos are supported to view in the software
- Customer service virtually nonexistent

How does it work!?!
Basically it is a hard drive that you plug into you router or wireless router which  allows you to store files accessible to computers and devices on your network.You can also access your files on then web by going through the myverbatim website. To set up in theory all you should have to do is, plug the network cable into your router and in the back of the media share. Then plug in the power cable. Finally install the installation disk on your PC. I don't know why but this process took me like 3 tries to get it right. I kept getting random errors.

*** Score 3 ***

Hardware / Design

There isn't really much to complain about with the design. In general its just a small metal box that you can put anywhere without becoming a eyesore . It makes virtually make no noise and doesn't seem to overheat either,  There is a USB port on the front and a button so you can back up anything with one press. On the back there is you power cord port, and a Ethernet cable port. There is also a eSATA and 2 USB ports for expandable memory. 

*** Score 4 ***


Let me just cone out and say I hate the UI. I'm not sure why they chose to go the in browser way but in reality it makes the process slow. For the most part it is functional you can store files, delete files,  send files,  and even play some.... Or so they say, I've tryed playing every file type under the sun ( well at least the most popular ones). The only one it seems to play back are jpegs (pictures).

*** Score 3 ***

The Verbatim Media Share is a good affordable network hard drive. It has enough space to satisfy even the most hungry media lovers. It does have its flaws such as the whole software that they want you to use. Plus they want you to buy in to a subscription so you can use it to its fullest potential. I you ask me the Subscription is not even worth it. In my opinion the best way to use it, is by using it as a media hub. If you own any DLNA compliant devices ( New Smartphone, PS3, Xbox360, Laptops, Some HDTVs, Ipad, Ipod touch, iphone, ect.  ) you'll enjoy this. Once you have the network drive installed on your computer's network you can stream your media to all of your devices. You can also avoid using their lame Software and just use windows to transfer files, which I find a lot easier and, faster anyways.

*** Score 4 ***

Total 14/20


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