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Amazon Kindle App for Android Review

- Nice UI
- Loads books up quickly
- Books Save to in an archive so you don’t need to carry all on your device
- Books automatically Sync with all of your Kindle Devices so you don’t need to remember where you last left off in book.
- Over 1,045,000 Books to download. Some free some not.
- Different page colors so it is easier to read in different situations.

- The Amazon uses its own file format meaning you have to search the web for a converter for your PDFs and your epub files.
- My eyes seem to bother me after prolonged use.

The UI is clean with a grayish brush metal look which I like. Under he home tab you can select your most recently read book, or you can see book that are recommended to you .Under the “On Device” tab you will see the books you have on your device and your progress in the books. Under the “archive” tab you will see the books you have archived in the cloud.  The “Store” tab is basically what you would expect. It the Amazon Kindle Store where you can buy books ect. .
*** My Rating 9***

Overall The Amazon Kindle is what you would expect out of a standard eBook reader. Ever thing just works. Well with the exception of not reading PDFs and Epubs. A lot of these small issues can always be fixed in an update.
*** My rating 8***

Score 17/20