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The Lion King Diamond Edition - Movie Review

The King of Animated Films 
was re-released on Disney Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray

- Lion King in 1080p
- Added Extras 
- Brilliant 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
- Lots of Extras
- Nostalgia at its best 

- There is multiple versions (3 to be exact) , meaning 3 different prices, in other words if you want the complete Lion king experience you will have to put out more money... 

This is one of the best up scaled animated films out there. 

If you want to give your surround system a good work out then you cant go wrong here. Every thing is well balanced and sounds perfect. 

Disney always puts in all kinds of extras into their DVD / Blu-Rays and the Lion King is no different. There is a commentary track, sing along track ect.

Other Thoughts
If you are a Disney fan or just a movie fan in general buy it, if you are a Lion King fan go for the box set it cost a lot more but it is worth it. Knowing Disney The Lion King wont be on store shelves for long, They seem to lock up their most popular classics after a few months in stores. Get it while you can....  

Audio: 5
Extras: 4

Score: 24/25