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The Twilight Saga - Book Review Part I

The Twilight Saga 
Overview and Review
  The twilight saga is a fantasy / drama written by Stephanie Meyers. The story revolves around a teenage girl ( Bella Swan ) who falls in love with a vampire ( Edward Cullen ). The story takes place in a place called Forks which is located in the state of Washington. She lives there with her father Charlie who is police officer.

***Spoilers alert*** 
My review will give a way the plot of the story. 
You've been warned... =D

Book I
The first book Twilight starts off with Bella moving from her mother's place in Arizona to her fathers place in Washington. When she starts out in school and finds herself attracted to a boy named Edward Cullen. Edward shows no signs of being interested in Bella, actually it seems more like he's avoiding her (which he is). Edward saves Bella from a car using his supernatural speed and strength stopping it in its tracks with one hand. 

  During a visit to the La Push reservation Bella tricks her friend Jacob Black into telling her some of the secret legends of his tribe ( Quileute ). He speaks of the "Cold Ones" in his stories. Jacob then tells her that his people believes that the Cullen are vampires ( the "Cold Ones" from the legends ) though he doesn't believe so himself. 

  On a visit to Port Angeles Bella is saved by Edward again, this time from serial killers and rapists. Bella then asks Edward if the Quileute legends are true. He answers yes and tells her, he and his family are vampires but they aren't like other vampires because they don't hunt humans, nor do they drink their blood. He says that they survive off of  animal blood....

  Edward and Bella’s relationship grows closer and closer to the point that they are inseparable, well at least till another vampire from a different coven comes into town. This “tracker vampire” (a vampire that has a special gift for tracking anybody they want too) James decides that he wants to hunt Bella. The Cullen come up with a plan to try to confuse James, they decide to send Bella to hide in a hotel in Phoenix. Bella receives a call from James telling her that he has  Rene ( Bella’s mother ) and black-males her into going to a abandoned dance studio. Upon arrival Bella realizes that her mother wasn’t there and, it was a trap all along, James attempts to kill Bella but she is save but the Cullen family. Bella then realizes that her hand is burning and notices that James must have bitten her. Edwards then sucks the venom out of her to save her life. James Is killed by Edward’s brothers Emmett and Jasper. 

  After Bella recovers from her injuries in Arizona they return to Forks where Bella attends her prom. At the prom much to Edwards disgust, Bella expresses her desires to become a vampire. Edward refuses to let it happen…. 

My Thoughts
To be honest, this is one of the more boring books in the series. It has it good parts but, It felt drawn out little. It lacked the action and character development that the other books have. I wouldn't recommend this book to its target audience, ( which appears to be Teenage girls ) for the reason being Bella, ( the main character ) always seem to make stupid decisions and she ends up rewarded for it in some way. It just breeds the wrong message that you would want young teenagers to have... I do recommend this book to slightly older / more mature teens, and to people who plans on getting the whole series. Trust me, this book alone will just leave you feeling dissatisfied....   

Story / Plot : 3 
Action : 3
Character Development: 3
Intriguing: 3
My Opinion: 3 

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