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Emerson Studio Headphones Review

Looking for a budget pair of headphones? Then these might be for you....

On the box features

* Amazing sound quality

* Built in microphone

* Comfortable, fold-able design

* Ideal for iPod,  mp3 players,  music phones

- for its price sound quality is actually really good
- built in mic is perfect if you use it with a cell phone
- collapsible design is also good for storing when you are not using it.
- price

- the bass and middle tones seem to overwhelm the highs out of the box
- build quality isn't the best
- because of the fold-able  design it uncomfortable to wear around the neck for prolonged periods of time

Build quality

Basically it is built how you would expect for headphones under 20$. The collapsible design might seem convenient at first but, just after 3 days the whole thing feels kinda wobbly. 
***Score 6***

Sound quality

I was actually surprised that they didn't sound horrible. Normally I wouldn't buy headphones under 30$ but, this pair seemed interesting because it was advertised as studio headphones. Plus it has a built in mic.
***Score 8***

Overall if you are strapped for money but need headphones these would be a decent pair to get.

Total 14/20

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