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Sonic Generations Preview ( Xbox360, 3DS, PS3, PC )

Sonic is staring in a new game!!!

Modern Sonic Gameplay 

What is it?

Sonic Generations is Sega's new Sonic the Hedgehog game. The idea of the game is to bring both modern and classic gameplay into one game. Classic Sonic will play similar to the original games on the Sega Genesis (you will be racing through 2 dimensional worlds) . Modern Sonic's gameplay is more similar to Sonic Colors which means, fast paced action through 3D worlds. Currently little is known about the story besides that you will be visiting classic and modern worlds with both Sonics. I'm interested in visiting the Sky Sanctuary Zone ( Sonic & Knuckles)  with Modern Sonic, and City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) with Classic Sonic.

Classic Sonic Gameplay 

Why should you care?

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has had it up and downs over the years. Overall most people would agree that the series biggest problem is, that it has strayed away from it's roots. Sega has finally listened to their fans and critics alike.  It will be interesting to see how the final product turns out.

On Sale in the US November 1st 2011

Sonic and Sonic Generations
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