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T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Review

* Beautiful 4.3” SLCD Screen
* 8mp Camera w/ 1080p Video recording
* Takes Fast quality pictures
* DLNA Supported
* Very Nicely Built
* Ease of use
* No Lag / Very Snappy
* Sense UI
* Browsing experience is one of the best out there
* Flash Enabled

* Sometimes the video you capture, audio comes out sounding tinny
* You cant change the amount of home screens
* I'm not sure what it is but ( either Bluetooth 3.0 or HTC’s Bluetooth stacks ) Bluetooth refuses to connect with the Wii mote or Ps3 Remote
* Sense is a big recourse hog
* Battery life is way to inconsistent. They should of used a bigger one like the EVO3D

4G and Wi-Fi Capable
1.2 Ghz Dual-Core Snapdragon Processor
4.3’’ Super LCD High-Resolution (qHD) capacitive touch screen
8MP Camera w/ 1080p HD Video Recording
Front-facing Camera
Android 2.3 w/ HTC Sense 3.0 both upgradeable
*** My Rating 9 ***

I am very impressed with the sensation's camera. It has a super fast shutter so there is little to none shutter lag, making it a true point and shoot. Pictures come out really crisp with true colors in decent lighting. In low lighting still there is very little noise. The flash sometime overexposes the pictures. Touch to focus works really well in both stills and video mode.  There is a slew of effects you can apply before and after your shots. You can adjust pretty much every thing from ISO to exposure. Same thing goes for video recording. Overall I am very satisfied with the camera on the sensation.
*** My Rating 9*** 


    If you are new to Android or even to smart / super phones in general then HTC’s Sense could be what could be what you are looking for so you wont be overwhelmed. It basically a simplified UI that makes stock android way more attractive without loosing the feel of what makes android, android. The Widgets are sexy, the lock screens are not only cool but they are super convenient. You can launch up to 4 of your favorite apps by just sliding the app into the ring. Sense also make I easy to personalize your phone and make it truly you.
*** My Rating 8***

Hardware Design
    Honestly the is one of the most sleekest sexiest phones on the market. It feels really expensive in the hand.
*** My Rating 8*** 

     Overall the HTC Sensation 4G is an awesome smart phone. With its dual core snapdragon processor you wont have any trouble getting though your day to day tasks and then some. It is capable of playing the most tasking games on the android market with out a problem. It has a big beautiful 4.3’’ qHD screen so anything you are browsing, playing, watching, or reading stays crisp and clean.
*** My Rating 9***

Overall Score 43/50