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The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Book Review Part II

Overview and Review
  The twilight saga is a fantasy / drama written by Stephanie Meyers. The story revolves around a teenage girl (Bella Swan) who falls in love with a vampire (Edward Cullen). The story takes place in a place called Forks which is located in the state of Washington. She lives there with her father Charlie who is police officer.
***Spoilers alert*** 
My review will give a way the plot of the story. 
You've been warned... =D

Book 2: New Moon 

  New Moon starts off with Bella Swan unhappy about her birthday coming up which will officially make her older than her boyfriend Edward Cullen, who will forever stay the age of 17 because he is a vampire. Bella also hates the idea of the Cullen family throwing her a birthday party which they plan on doing anyways. During the party when she is opening her gifts, she gets cut which cause Jasper to attack her. Jasper never harms her but, the situation causes Edward to rethink his relationship with her. Edward then decides that the best option is for him and his family to leave Forks for good....

With Edward and the Cullen’s gone for good, Bella falls into a state of depression that would disgust even the most depressed of people. Charlie (Bella’s father) threatens to send Bella to her live with her mother if she doesn't snap out of it. Bella decides to go to La Push to hang out with her old friend Jacob Black. 

Bella spends more and more time with Jacob and eventually he reveals to her without really saying it, that he is a werewolf. This doesn't really shock her since she spent her share of time with supernatural beings before. Her only concern was that she suspected that he and his pack were killing people. On the contrary they actually save people from dangerous vampires.... 

While spending time with Jacob she realizes that doing something extreme or, just plain stupid triggers hallucinations of Edward. The last crazy stunt that she did, was cliff diving (cliff diving is an activity the teens in La Push do for fun by jumping off of cliffs into the water below). Jacob already warned her before hand not to attempt it alone, but she did it anyways. She would have been dead if it wasn't for Jacob saving her. After saving her Jacob takes her home where they find Alice (Edward’s sister) waiting for her. Alice explains that she only came back because she thought she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and, she couldn't see her anymore (Alice Cullen has the ability to see people’s future exception of a few). Later On Alice see that Edward has gotten word that Bella has committed suicide and he decides that he is going to antagonize the Volturi (The Volturi is a clan of vampires from Italy that enforces the laws of the vampire world. Nobody goes to antagonize the Volturi unless they want to die.)

Bella and Alice head to Italy to try to stop Edward from killing himself. Bella manages to stop Edward before he exposes himself as a vampire. Though Edward never broken any laws the Volturi guards still bring Edward, Alice, and Bella in for judgment before the leaders. The Volturi come to the conclusion that Bella must die because she knows too much. To save her Alice lets Aro (one of the three Volturi leaders who has the ability to read all the thoughts a person ever had by touching them.) read her vision that Bella will eventually be turned into a vampire. Aro is pleased at this idea and let's them go so long as she is changed soon....

When they get back to Forks Edward explains why he doesn't want to change Bella into a vampire and tells her he still opposes it. Bella decides that they should have a vote on it so they head back to the Cullen's house where they have a vote. The majority of the family agrees with Bella's decision.

My Thoughts 
New Moon takes two steps forward and one step back over the previous story in the series. The step back is because of the long drawn out beginning. The very beginning is okay but as soon as Edward leaves and Bella falls into her morbid depression the story gets very drawn out. The story picks up again after Jacob take her out to the movies. I understand that its just Bella’s character to be a needy person who has no sort of independence and I should be used to it by now, but  it still am a pain to read through. Stephanie Meyers did improve on her character development in this story. She also improved on the suspense and action. I found, at times it was hard to take a break from reading…. Like the other book I wouldn’t recommend this story to its target audience, though I did get mixed messages from this one. I’ll say this, Bella Swan is not the type of person anyone would want their teenagers to act like…..

Story / Plot:  3
Action:  3
Character Development: 4
Intriguing: 3
My opinion: 3


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