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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Vol.2 Manga | Review

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Finally Vol.2 has been released. Its been a long wait for me since I have picked up Vol.1 way back when. 
This article contains some spoilers...

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Media: Manga
Artist / Author: Akira Himekawa
Price: $9.99
Where to Buy:

Product Description
"Link must defeat evil at every turn in his perilous quest to help Princess Zelda!

Once upon a time, wizards tried to conquer the Sacred Realm of Hyrule. The Spirits of Light sealed the wizards’ power within the Shadow Crystal and banished them to the Twilight Realm beyond the Mirror of Twilight. Now, an evil menace is trying to find Midna, Princess of the Twilight Realm, and the fragments of the Shadow Crystal to gain the power to rule over both the Twilight Realm and the World of Light.

Link awakens in the Twilight Realm, in the form of a wolf! Here he meets Midna, and she escorts Link to Hyrule Castle where none other than Princess Zelda bestows a question upon him—if the world is to be saved from the encroaching darkness, Link must recover the shards of the Shadow Crystal. The task will be long and difficult, and Link will need to use new powers he doesn't know he has!" - Via Amazon

The Good: 
  • Beautifully drawn
  • Deeper look inside the world of Hyrule during the events of Twilight Princess
  • Link has a slightly more aggressive personality as a wolf
  • Minda retains her sassy personality from the game

The Bad: 
  • Chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 probably could have been consolidated down to 2 or 3 chapters
  • Some parts of the manga has black text on dark backgrounds... 

The Ugly:
  • I'm flying though these chapters and the wait for the next volumes is borderline torture. 

What is it?
Put simply this is a Legend of Zelda manga based on the the Twilight Princess Story. There are some changes and additives to the story for character development a well as to fill out the story. 

Story: 4.5
Volume 2 picks up directly where volume 1 left off. Link awakens bound in a cell within the Twilight Realm. He encounter a mysterious imp Minda who reveals to him that he is a Wolf. Soon after Link and Minda meets up with princess Zelda where she reveals to Link what happened to Hyrule. Overall the Story in this volume is good but the pacing feels a bit off in comparison to the previous volume. Its also feels like they spent too much time developing characters that didn't need much development.

Art Style: 5
Man oh man, I loved the art style from volume 1 and Vol.2 seem to improve on that. 

Replay: 4.5
A lot has happened in this volume and so I actually had to read it twice to get a better understanding. Actually reading this volume made me go back and read Volume 1 as well. I will probably read them both again while I yearn for volume 3. 

Value: 5
There is no excuse, If you loved the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game you should pick up the manga for $10 once every couple of months. Here is a tip... If you have Amazon Prime it will be even cheaper than that. 

Around The Web: 4.9
This Manga is currently holding a 4.9 rating on Amazon

I love this, and there is only a few things that can make this better. 1. they can release volumes more frequently, and more importantly they can make an Anime adaption of this Viz Media can take my paycheck now =D. Regardless I highly recommend this Manga to both Zelda, and Manga fans. 

23.9 / 25