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Project Design Blendx Nintendo Switch Case | Review

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The Nintendo Switch are slowly becoming more accessible to consumers. You are going to need some protection is going to be needed for you need Hybrid console, and Blendx had the case for you…

Blendx Project Design Nintendo Switch Case
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Accessories
Price: $13.99
Where to Buy

What is it
This is a Nintendo Switch case sold by Blendx and manufactured by Project Design. This Nintendo Switch case features a mesh pocket for accessories, 8 game slots, and a protective screen flap.

What’s Hot:
  • Textured feel to the case
  • Mesh accessory pocket
  • Eight game slots
  • Bungy straps that hold Nintendo Switch in place

What’s Not:
  • The Project Design logo is a Sticker Decal

Design: 4.5
I’m finding it very hard to complain about the design about this case. It has everything you would need in a basic case. I feel like it is lacking in protection on the top side but, honestly that reaching. I’m not a fan of the sticker logo, I can see where sacrifices were made to keep the product cheap.

Durability: 5
This case will get the job done, It probably could use a little more padding on the top half.  It seems to hold up fine.

Value: 5
For what you get you can’t complain with the sub $15 dollar price range. If you need an inexpensive Nintendo Switch case, you won’t go wrong here.

Around the web: 5
This Product is currently holding a 5.0 rating on Amazon right now.

Final Thoughts
I’m really enjoying this Nintendo Switch case. It has all the typically things you would want in a case; Game slots, Accessory pocket and, screen protecting slab.

19.5 / 20