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Android "O" is now Officially Oreo | Android News

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Google finally let the cat out of the back with its now Android Firmware 8.0. Android "O" is now officially Oreo®. 

It almost feels like this wait for the next Android Version took a lot longer than previous versions. Now that the name announcement as come through let get down to the nitty gritty. 

Key Features - these are features I found interesting rather than all of the newly announced features for Oreo®. For complete feature list check out "The Official Android Blog" HERE!!!

  • Ambient Screen - Highlights the incoming notifications with larger font. highlighted app name and immediate access to actions. 
  • Project Treble - The biggest change to the foundations of Android to date: a modular architecture that makes it easier and faster fro hardware makers to deliver Android Updates. 
  • TextView Auto-sizing - Developers an now let the size of their text expand or contract automatically based on the size characteristics of the TextView, making it much easier to optimize the text size on different screens or with dynamic content.
  • WIFI Assistant - Auto-Connects you to high quality open WIFI and secures your connection with a VPN back to Google. 

*** Warning ***
I kind of go into a Google Rant here... Go to the second paragraph if you want to skip it... 

Man oh man... It has been ages since i have last wrote about anything android. To be completely honest, Android as a platform doesn't hold that same wow factor that it use to have. I remember way back when I was waiting for the next update for G1 or HTC Magic. I remember when HTC Sense and it's flip clock was the must have software on your newly rooted device. I remember when Samsung's TouchWiz was the worst android skin out there (wait an min... It still is). I remember when Cyanogen from Cyanogenmod was a hero for the Rooting Community. I seen the up-rise and the downfall of HTC and the vice-versa, for Samsung. I remember the original flagship killer, Google's own the Nexus 4. I've been though it all with Android but now I at the point where everything just feels like meh. I think I feel this way because due to Google going all Apple on us. Slowly but surly Google as a company is starting to be more apple like. Heck just look at their currently Flagship phone. It looks like an Industrial iPhone. If the looks didn't do it the price sure will as it carries the Apple Tax... Not only that they cut off making Nexus Devices which honestly was the heart and soul behind their software. Don't get me wrong I love how the Pixel "just works" and excels in almost every area, but that is just what people say about the iPhone. Personally I like the compare the Pixel Phones to a Tesla Model S P100D  and the Nexus devices to a Used Ferrari F430. They both are great cars, but Tesla excels in every area except price. The Tesla also feels like a device built for a purpose and lack character like the Ferrari. 

Anyways enough of my google ranting, Android Oreo looks promising but it seem to lack features that will make people eager to get their hands on it. I wish Google would just package in the Pixel Launcher...