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Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 8/30/2015

This past week has been an interesting one to say the least. We got info on the upcoming Moto360 and more...
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Final Fantasy XV gets confirmed for a 2016 release. This game has been in development for a long time so it good to get some conformation that it is making some progress. 
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Uncharted 4 gets a release date along with a collectors edition. 
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Are you an iOS user but aren't a fan of the Apple Watch? Don't settle Android Wear is now compatible with iOS devices. 
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New Nintendo 3DS Bundles and NFC Read / Writer on the way. 
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Inside Out Film Review 
Check out what R-Viewer104 thought of the Disney / Pixar animated Feature. 
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 Meet the Moto 360 2nd Gen
+Motorola Mobility  announced its second generation of Smartwatches with the Moto 360. It now comes in 3 flavor (A women's line, Mens {w/ 2 sizes}, and a sport model).
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The Nexus 6's price was slashed on amazon, for the Unlocked Model. That's right you can get a Nexus 6 for $300 cheaper that its original price w/o a contract. 
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Other News
  • CAPCOM Announces Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Origins Remasters - Resident Evil 0 will be for the Xbox One / Xbox 360, PS4 / PS3, and the PC. Resident Evil Origins will be for the PS4 and Xbox One. Look for both next year. 

Coming Soon
  • Max 2015 - Film Review 
  • Window 10 - Review
  • Under Armor Record - Review



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