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Weekly Wrap Up - Week of 9/20/2015

Not really a busy week but the iPhone 6s and 6s plus reviews are in... 
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Viz Media Announced the final chapter for the Bleach anime will be released September 29th 2015. For more information go HERE 

Square Enix released new screenshots for their upcoming 2016 Final Fantasy "World of Final Fantasy" for the PlayStation 4. For more information check out HERE

Many may not realize that Under Armour has a fitness app in both the google play store and the Apple App Store called Record. Check out our review on this app HERE

Other News
  • The gag order has now lifted and the Reviews for the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus are now pouring in. As you may guess the reviews are a bit biased. I honestly don't under stand why they choose to write reviews like this because the device is pretty awesome on its own. Its just not as revolutionary as they may say. Anyways it shouldn't be hard to find theses review on the web. 
  • People who are Naruto fans and New York Comic Con attendees are in for a surprise. Masashi Kishimoto will be attending the Super Event this year. 
  • NBA 2K16 Released - I thinking about giving 2K a try but honestly I feel like they are moving away from what made the series great and focusing on theatrics and other unimportant BS.... 

Coming Soon....
  • All about the new Nexus(s) - Google has made us very aware that they will be announcing something new on September 29th. It will most likely be the 2 possible 3 rumored Nexus Devices. We'll see..

Interesting Polls From Last Week - We got some interesting feedback last week form polls. We'll try to come up with more interesting ones this week. 
  • We asked Android Community on Google+ what they thought of the OnePlus 2 and got some interesting feed back check it out HERE 
  • We asked a Few Anime Communities on Google+ who would win in a fight Jin from Samurai Champloo or Kenshin from Samurai X and the answer was pretty one sided... See that Poll Here

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