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Weekly Wrap-up - Week of 9/13/2015

Lots of Gaming News this past week due to the Tokyo Game Show Kicking off. 
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Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for the PS4
Just like they have did in the past Square is releasing a Kingdom Hearts bundle which will include 2 games and a cinematic movie all in full HD. The games that will be included is Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 0.2 A Fragmented Passage, and Kingdom Hearts X: Back Cover. There is currently no release date but is expected to release during 2016. 
For more information Click Here 
For the Trailer Click Here

Disney Announces Jungle Book 2016 
Disney is digging deep into its archives to revitalize the story of a young boy who was raised by wolves in a jungle, where he befriends a fun loving bear. 

Karin Joins the Street Fighter V Roster
CAPCOM adds the blond brawler from Street Fighter Alpha 3 to its Street Fighter V Roster, .
For more info and Trailer check out HERE

Other News
  • Nintendo Delays Starfox for the Wii U till 2016
  • Microsoft Releases Holiday Press Kit that shows their Holiday line up for 2015. Its pretty impressive... 
  • Square Enix release a new Final Fantasy XV Trailer (With a little less hugging...) 
  • CAPCOM announces Umbrella Corps - Resident Evil Themed first person shooter. Preview coming later this week. 
  • Google Supposedly holding Nexus Unveiling event on September 29th. 

Coming Soon 
  • Under Armor Record - App Review
  • Android Wear - Updated Thoughts 
  • VS - Polls pitting random characters against  each other.


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