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Review - Taptu: DJ Your News

One Thing that #Android has a lot of is News Readers. Question is... Is #Taptu for you? 

Taptu: DJ your News
Developer: Taptu
Platforms: Android, iOS
Genre: News / RSS Readers
Price: Free

What is it?
Taptu is a new reader app for android

Google Play Description
“Taptu is a social news reader that puts all your favorite stuff in one app.”

What's hot?
       Clean UI
       Load times are pretty quick
       Easy to add sources
       Ability to adjust the spacing and font size on the fly.
       Double-tapping title to open in browser.
       Widgets are pretty boss
       Many ways to customize

What's not?
       The app is a bit dull
       Cuts off some stories
       Feels a little too much like pulse
       Hyperlinks don't work in some feeds..?
       Not all feeds are created equally.
       Flash and HTML5 content is non existent ( have to use browser. 
       HTML elements like bold and italic are hit or miss with some feeds. 
       Twitter login won't work for me.

Final Thoughts
Taptu is an okay news reader but I feel it lack enough personality to set itself apart from other browsers out there.

UI: 3.5
Features: 4
Stability / performance: 4
Replay: 4
Average: 4.5


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