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Fenix for Android Review

Tired of your dated looking Twitter app that doesn't seem to match the UI and feel of your sweet looking Android UI? Fenix for android may be the solution that you are waiting for.

Fenix for Android
Developer: MVilla 
Genre: Social Media | Twitter

What is it?
A twitter client nothing more nothing less.

What's hot?
- Clean user interface
- Pictures are seamlessly integrated into the timeline.
- YouTube integration is also nicely done

What's not?
- Refreshing issues
- A bit pricey for what you actually get…

Final Thoughts:
This is the best looking Twitter app I have used recently. They UI looks' really good no matter what theme you are using… It would be my main twitter app but, there are just too many features that I miss from Tweetcaster for me to make the total switch. Plus Twitter is all about the updates and at times Fenix fails to update your timeline for long periods of times and there is no way to refresh it.

How to improve...
- Fix refreshing issues 
- Drop the price to .99
- Integrate more image services into the timeline
- Add Twitlonger and poster later features 

UI: 5
Features: 3.5
Stability | Performance: 3.5
Value: 3.5
Average (Google Play): 4.6

20.1 / 25

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