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Kinect Devs on Dis-Kinected Xbox | Xbox One to be More Powerful...

Xbox One Dis-Kinecting may be more of a plus than we though. 

I'm going start out by saying I like the concept of the Kinect but always though that it should be optional. To this day I haven't seen the Kinect used in a way to be required for a gaming console. Yes it is cool to navigate your Xbox One via voice commands but beyond that is it really worth the extra $100 of admission? The Kinect was announced way back when for the Xbox 360 I was blown away by its capabilities and innovative games they were thinking of doing. Thing is when the Kinect materialized on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One we ended up receiving a slew of dance games and simple mini games. Most people i know with the Xbox 360 version of Kinect only used it as a back up microphone (God that is annoying) and Xbox One owners mainly use it as an navigation tool or voice activated controller. 

Developers well... Kinect Developers obviously feel a bit salty at the idea of Microsoft deciding to sell a version of the console without the Kinect for $100 dollars cheaper. Some of the Harmonix staff (guys behind Fantasia: Music Evolved) as well as Paul Mottran who is the creative director of Zoe Mode stated " From a developer point of view its a shame, as it all but kills the chances of making an original Kinect title unless it is a major licensed fitness or dance product - and even those will suffer as it's unlikely we'll see Kinect 2 units even come close to the installed base of the original now. Even then it was a challenge. i just feel sorry for those developers who had Kinect titles in development who've had the rug pulled from beneath them and may now stand little chance of seeing a return on their investment. Smaller developers may try something new with the peripheral that mainstream publishers ere not willing to gamble on." - via IGN


On a slightly Brighter not the Xbox One may receive a slight boost in power in light of the Dis-Kinection. Whether it is a viable  trade off is up to you...


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