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ThrowBack Review - Street Fighter EX2 Plus

Street Fighter EX2 Plus
Developer: Arika | Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Fighting
Platform: Arcade, PSX
Players: 2

  What is it?
Street Fighter EX2 plus is basically the home console version of Street Fighter EX2. The game features 3D graphics in the similar fashion to what Capcom did with Street fighter 4. The game also features a lot of original characters that we have seen since.

-          New original characters
-          Same great gameplay they you would expect from a street fighter game
-          Graphics (at least at the time)
-          Cancels and Super Cancels

-          Graphics aren’t anything special today
-          Characters feel a bit clunky
-          Audio is Meh I miss the classic street fighter tunes

My Thoughts:
It’s sad that I use to play this game all the time way back when I originally purchased it in 2000 and before recently I forgot that there was an EX series of Street Fighter Games. The game overall is what you would expect from a Street Fighter game but it seems to lack what made games like Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers and Street Fighter Alpha III so epic.  

Graphics: 3
Audio: 3
Gameplay: 3.5
Replay: 3.5
Average (Game Rankings): 2.9

15.9 / 25