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Throwback Game Review - Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Developer| Publisher: Neversoft , Edge of Reality, Natsume, Treyarch | Activision
Platform: N64, GBC, PS1, Sega Dreamcast, N-Gage
Genre: Extreme Sports | Action Sports

What is it?
Tony Hawk Pro Skater is a third-person skateboarding game featuring the legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. The game, at the time was unlike anything we have ever seen before in a video game.

-          Graphics
-          Soundtrack (for the first month or so)
-          Controls
-          Multiplayer

-          Soundtrack gets played out after a while.
-          Multiplayer is turn based
-          Cant manual

My Thoughts
I am a terrible skater… that right I admit it, there is something I don’t excel at. This game made me feel a little bit better about that because I was able to annihilate all of my skater friends in it. Now that I look back it amazing how many hours I used up playing this game with friends. If I put half of that time into real live skating I would be much better.

Graphics: 3
Gameplay: 4.5
Sound: 4
Replay: 5
Average: 4.6

21.1 / 25