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Microsoft sees the Light and changes some Policies

Its no secret that the Xbox One was shaping up to be a complete failure at launch and this was do to BAD PR and ridiculous policies. 

Microsoft must have seen the light or someone most have told them that the direction that they were heading would surely fail, Because yesterday the did a complete 180 when they announced that you no longer will have to check in every 24 hours over the internet to use the system (You will only have to Connect to the Internet once to setup the console). They also will have no restrictions on used games and the console will be region free. So Beyond the Requirement of having a always connected Kinect the Xbox One and the PS4 stand on an even playground when it come to policies. 

This is a win for the consumer. They voiced their opinion about bad policies that they wont put up with and they have been herd.

 Will this turn of events effect your decision on which route you will take?  

Source: Siliconera