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Dual Layer Cover Case - HTC Sensation Accessory Review

Dual Layer Cover Case for the HTC Sensation Black/White
By: Kopu
Price: $7.39 + $3.99 shipping for total of $11.38
Ship Time: About 5 Days 

- Pretty cheap Compared to the ones you see in stores 
- Build Quality isn’t bad 
- Gives the Sensation a more bulkier feel
- Looks cool on the phone. 
- White back screams Customization at me 

- It hides the already awesome feel and texture of the sensation’s back cover 
- The Rubber part is a lint Magnet 
- Not properly fitted (At least for T-mobile branded HTC Sensation)
- It is a pain in the ass to put it on just right (which sucks now that I have 2 batteries) 

My Thoughts:
Though I have only had it for a few hours I can say that I like it so far. It was rather cheap compared to the ones I was seeing at the mall and on the T-Mobile website. Considering I spent less than 10 dollars on it before shipping I think it was worth it. It does have its flaws mainly being that it is a pain in the ass to put it on correctly and, through close examination it is not properly fitted… 
(Being the Artist that I am, I plan on customizing the back of it, can wait to get started) 

Build Quality - 3
Price/Value - 4
Popular Vote - 4
Customization - 3.5 88

Score  14.5/16


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