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Anker 1900mAh Battery - Quick Review

Anker 1900 mAh Li-ion Battery 
For the HTC Sensation, (Z710E, XE, & Z715E) HTC Evo3D, & the MyTouch 4G Slide 
Price: $17.99 + $5.07 shipping for total of $23.06
Ship Time: About 3 days (w/ Tacking)

- 1900mAh battery for under 20$
- Fits with standard Sensation battery cover 
- So Far I get almost twice the battery life than my stock battery (1520mAh) 
- Supposed 12 month warranty 

- Seems to take longer to charge 

My Thoughts:
I’ve only had the battery for like three days now but, I have noticed a large increase in battery life. After about 5 hours of moderate (Using IheartRadio [or Pandora], Texting, using Google+, checking Facebook & Twitter, having GPS on the whole time…)  use I was on 68% which I excellent IMO. Normally on my stock battery it would be down to like 43% or less… Online I have read mixed reviews of what people thought of the Anker Batteries before I purchased my own. Some were extreme saying stuff like the battery exploded in my phone (link to post), which I have to admit caused me to hesitate on buying one. Responses like that were isolated and rare. A more common theme was that after a few weeks/months the battery life was about the same as the stock battery life, which I can live with. Only time will tell….

Battery Life - 3.5 (Currently) 
Price/Value - 4 
(You can’t go wrong with a 1900mAh under $20) 
Popular Vote - 3.5 
Build Quality - 4 

Score 15/16