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Review - Nuosi Dang Stainless Steel Watch Band (Pebble Steel / Moto 360)

Need a stainless metal watch band but don’t wanna break the bank? The Nuosi Dang is a great choice.
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What is it?
This is a matte black metal watch band that is sized to fit the Pebble steel edition and the Motorola Moto 360. This band also comes in a Stainless Steel Silver color. You can order it Here

What’s Hot
  • Price - This product is relatively inexpensive.
  • Overall the band looks really nice and so far color hasn’t faded on me.
  • For the most part it is easy to remove links (to make band smaller)

What’s Not
  • At times it feels like the band is pulling on the hairs on my arm. (And I’m not a hairy person)
  • The color on the underside of the clasp is starting to fade.
  • Pretty hard to install on the Moto 360. (May be because of the of the Moto 360 design )
  • This band actually cracked the back of My Moto 360 so be careful.
  • No watch Spring bars included (Seriously what the hell?)  

Design: 3.5
This Metal band overall looks great. On looks alone I highly recommend it. It also isn’t really that hard to add / remove links to make the band fit you better. I do wish that they made the band a tad more flexible though. I believe that this would have prevented it from crack the back of my Moto 360.

Comfort: 4
For the most part this band feels nice on the wrist. As I stated earlier, at times it feels like this band is pulling on the hairs on your arm. I also think this band would have benefitted more if it was a tad more flexible.

Price: 5
If one thing is right about this product it would be the price. You can’t go wrong at a $12.99 sticker tag.

Average: 2.9
Via Amazon

I liked this watch band but I did get a tad salty when my Moto 360’s back cracked because of it. So in the end i find it hard to recommend it to my friends .  

15.4 / 20

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