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1ByOne 24W Solar Charger | Tech Review

Ever want to go green and charge your USB device with the sun? Well now you can with 1ByOne’s 24W Solar Charger.
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24W Solar Charger
Manufacturer: 1ByOne
Genre: USB | Chargers
Price: $52.99
Where to Buy:

Product Description
“ Wherever you go, 1byone Solar Charger is your best companion for an active, outdoor lifestyle.” - 1ByOne via Amazon

On the Box:
  • High efficiency solar cell, around 22-23.5%
  • Built-in intelligent identification IC to recognize Samsung and Apple device to provide fast charging
  • Dual USB output with Max. 3.3A in total
  • Over current, over voltage and short circuit protection
  • Suitable for mobiles and tablets
  • Light weight and ultra thin design

What’s Hot:
  • The concept of charging your device without needing to plug it into an outlet
  • The Panel is portable.
  • Has 2 USB Ports

What’s Not:
  • Requires significant direct sunlight to work properly
  • I feel there should be a performance indicator somewhere
  • Price could be a bit lower
  • My Phone got hot while in the sleeve charging

What is it?
This is solar charger made to charge your devices via USB.

Design: 4
The 1ByOne 24W Solar Charger looks sleek with its black and red coloring.  The sizing is convenient, being only slightly bigger than a iPad mini. I do feel that the black coloring is counterproductive because any phone or device you put in the sleeve will get hot due to the black coloring absorbing the heat from the sun…

Features: 3
While this device isn’t feature rich, it does have some useful ones like Fast Charging with outputs up to 2.4 amps. It has 4 panels and 2 USB ports as well. Its fold-able design makes it portable. It also has a Charge Protector that will keep your devices safe.

Performance: 3
After using this device for about 2 ½ - 3 weeks, I have to say this device performs as advertised. In bright sunlight It is a pleasure to use I just recommend not leaving your phone in the pocket because it will get hot. In not so great sunlight the device will be sufficient enough to make your batteries last longer. On an overcast or cloudy day you might as well not even bring it out because it won't work.

Value: 3
Its price point is okay for what you get especially if you compare it to similar products. Personally I think $39.99 would be a sweater price. If you are looking for something like this I do highly recommend it though.

Around The Web: 4.5
This device is currently holding a 4.5 on Amazon.

I like my device and I keep it in my car when I’m not using it. I found it useful for outdoor events like Basketball games. I normally plug in my phone and a Bluetooth speaker and keep them booth going for hours. If you are an outdoor person this would be perfect for you. There is nothing like free energy that you can use to charge your USB Devices.

17.5 / 25