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Sbode Wireless Earbuds - Tech Review

Stylish Bluetooth earbuds that both sound good and are iPX7 certified. Even better they won’t break the bank.
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Sbode Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Manufacturer: Sbode
Price: Currently $21.99 On Amazon
Where to Buy:

Product Description
These are wireless around the neck earbuds that have good sound quality and are IPX7 certified.

What’s Hot:
  • Overall they sound good
  • Great battery life
  • They look cool 
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with carrying case. 
  • Great Warranty option 
  • Can handle sweat and water… 

What’s Not:
  • This may be a personal thing but, these types of earbuds hurt my ears after prolonged use. 
  • The action button needs to be pressed too hard to active. (suggest not pressing while in ears)
  • Range is meh… I say about 15-20ft with clear sight of device.
  • Call sound quality is good but to some find it hard to hear me.

Build Quality: (4.5)
These earbuds are built nice. Everything looks real clean with the black and red design.

Features: (4.5)
Great Sound Quality, IPX7, Lightweight. And the ability to connect to multiple devices. On top of that they offer a great warranty.

Performance: (4.0)
On the performance side of things everything work as advertised except for few sort-comings. The range is advertised at 33 ft while I was getting around 15-20 ft. I also had issue with people not being able to hear me too good when i used it as a headset for voice calls.

Value: (5.0)
For what you are getting you can’t complain. I can highly recommend these for anyone who needs a pair of workout wireless headphones.

Ways to improve…
For the price, It is hard to express how good these wireless earbuds are. The only thing I can think of when it comes to improvements is comfort. A long time ago I came across a pair of earbuds that had a squishy foam tips, like ear plugs. Get those for these and this is a no brainer.

Final Thoughts:
I’m a huge fan of the design, especially the colorway being Black and Red. Also, at a price below $30 these headphones are feature rich and sound good. At the these have a home in my gym bag.

Buy it... If you need a pair of workout earbuds and you don’t want to spend a fortune, these are for you.

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This Review is a sponsored review and the product was provided by the manufacturer.