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Film Review - Zootopia 2016

Disney and animals go together like red and black or Cake and Ice Cream. So its not surprising that they would create a world based on an anthropomorphic world. Real question is, was Zootopia worth the watch?
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Walt Disney Animation Studios
Comedy / Adventure
March 4, 2016

Movie Description
“In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.” - IMDb.

What’s Hot?
  • Movie pacing is actually really good. 
  • Voice acting 
  • Plot twist was well hidden till it was being revealed
  • Witty humor
  • Interesting choice of theme that will hopefully make people think
  • Animation was top notch

What’s Not?
  • Music was forgettable 
  • Some scenes seemed unnecessary 

What is it?
Lets see... where to start without giving spoilers? Take a rabbit that grew up in the boonies who dreamed of becoming a crime fighting police officer in the big city. Then take a Fox who is was destined to become, well the personification of what he is. Put them together and well you get the initial phase of the film.  

Story: 5
***Spoiler Alert*** If you haven't seen the film this section will spoil you. Remember you have been warned. One of the main characters in this film is Judy Hopps who is a young rabbit that just graduated from the police academy in her home town. She get stationed into a big where she works as a parking attendant (basically a step of from desk duty). She eventually gets hustled by Nick Wilde, a sly fox whose hustle game is one to be envied. Eventually this duo end up working for each other to solve a missing person case. Once they solve the case, the story takes a dark turn to what can basically be called metaphor to what many people go through today. I'm glad Disney went here with the story, It is probably what I like most about the film.     

Audio / Sound: 3.5
The audio department is probably the most disappointing part of the film. And no I don't mean the voice acting. That was excellent like all other animated Disney films. But the audio was lacking. Normally Disney animated films fall into 2 categories when it comes to Music. Either its a musical (generally consisting of at least 3+ catchy tunes) or they use powerful arrangements to push the story. I wouldn't say the film was devoid of these themes, but it wasn't up to par compared to previous films of this particular type.

Aesthetics: 4.5
You got to hand it to Walt Disney Animated Studios. Their animation is top notch and only seems to be getting better. Maybe the reason why Pixar is taking so long to come out with another film is that they want to make sure their work looks better than what the Animation Studio has been producing. Flat out Zootopia looks great especially Nick Wilde, His fur reminds me of what Rare did with Fox McCloud in Starfox Adventures on the Nintendo Gamecube. 

Replay: 4.5
I really enjoyed this film, it is the best animated film I have seen since How to Train Your Dragon II by DreamWorks. I will definitely be taking some of the young-ins to see this when I get some free time. I highly recommend this to anyone. 

Around the Web: 4.9 
As of March 6th 2016 Zootopia is holding a 98 score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

In the end I really like Zootopia. I found it hard to find things that I didn't like about the movie. The slow sloth jokes were too drawn out to be funny, and was complete ruined by the trailer. The music wasn't anything to write home about, but the animation and voice acting was great. The story is one to spark conversations and the theme is one that is easy to relate to. Great job Disney, you guys have been on a roll lately. Keep up the awesome work...