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Weekly Wrap-up | Week of 7/17/2016

Xbox One S Product Shot
The Xbox One S gets an Release Date Pokémon Go! is still going and Sonic is 25 plus gets a new game.
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Microsoft Announced the redesigned Xbox One S at E3 this year, and just this past week they've announced the release date. The Microsoft Xbox One S will Release August 2nd. For more info check out our article HERE!!!

Sonic The Hedgehog finally gets a new game and honestly it look to be what sonic fans were wishing for. The game looks like it would fit right after Sonic 3 & Knuckles which is great because in my opinion those were the golden years of Sonic. Sonic Mania is planned to release next Spring on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more info Check out our article HERE!!!

Other News:
  • Pokémon Go! is still running strong around the globe, but Nintendo's Stocks seem to be on a small decline now. We'll see if that changes next week. The media is still going crazy over it, with at least on or 2 story being about the wildly popular app.
  • Disney hits 2016 box office milestones in record time. "On Saturday, The Walt Disney Studios became the first studio to cross the $2 billion mark at the domestic box office this year. It's the fastest Disney has ever reached this threshold an comes on the heels of several box office milestones for the studio." - Via Disney (read full article HERE!!!)
  • Google Play Books introduces bubble zoom. "Whether it’s reading up on the origins of Justice League or enjoying a reboot like Invincible Iron Man, we all love our heroes and villains and there’s nothing more thrilling than flipping through your favorite comic when the battle is on — THWACK!
     Last year, Google Play made it easier to find and read your favorite comics on your phone or tablet, including a new vertical scrolling experience. We wanted to use our superpowers, like machine learning, to improve the digital comics experience even further. Machine learning is the technology that makes the digital things in your life more useful, like finding the right image in Google Photos by searching for “hugs” to “dogs.” So what happens when we bring our machine learning capabilities to the world of comics?"
    - Official Android Blog (For more information go HERE!!!)

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