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1ByOne Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review | Tech Review

Everyone and their mother is making around the neck ring bluetooth earphones, 1ByOne stepped into the game with their ring collar stereo headset.
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Bluetooth 4.1 Ring Collar Wireless Stereo Headset
Manufacturer: 1ByOne
Price: $49.99 (Currently $31.99)
Where to Buy:

Product Description
“Which aspects are most important to you when choosing a new Bluetooth headset? Is it long battery life, a modern shape, comfortable design, or great sound quality? If you are looking for all of these attributes, then come and try our 1byone Wireless Collar Headphones as they will absolutely meet your demands. Better Stereo SoundOur Bluetooth Wireless Collar Headphones deliver high-quality stereo sound and great bass response to generate a better sound experience. Whether you are a true music lover or just a normal user who likes to listen to some tunes, you will be deeply immersed high quality, full range audio.” - Via 1ByOne on Amazon

What’s Hot:
  • Reasonable price
  • Great battery life
  • Fully charges under an Hour
  • Understated design
  • Plausible audio quality
  • Strong vibrations from the neck ring when you have an incoming call.
  • Magnets!!!

What’s Not:
  • Connectivity issues
  • Not as comfortable as I thought it would be.
  • A bit long and bulky
  • Clunky Controls

What is it:
This is a Bluetooth headset made by 1ByOne which features a magnetic ring collar, that vibrates when you are receiving an incoming call.

Build Quality: 3.5
1ByOne's Collar Ring Headset has a decent build quality. At a glance you would think it's way too wobbly and cheaply made, but after about 2 weeks of use I would call it flexible. If you happen to drop this you won't have to worry about it breaking because, it will break its own fall. 1ByOne also added 4 magnets to the device which are located in the back of each one of the earphones , as well as at the end of each collar. Buttons are responsive the charger door work to to keep moisture out. I wish the earphone soft piece was more of a spongy material or foam rather than rubbery.

Features: 3.5
This device features Bluetooth 4.1 which in general should improve on connectivity but, in my experience it was not so. Every time I reconnect my device to my phone I have to trick it into being able to play music through the headset (I either turn off the bluetooth, then back on, or I Restart the Bluetooth headset.). The controls could have been handled a lot better. It has a Power / Pair  button on the left side, and a +, -, and play / pause / action button. My issue is when trying to change music tracks you have to hold the button + or - button to change. Problem is to go backwards you have to double click.... This function is impossible to perform due you not being about to double long press.

Performance: 4
Its really hard for me to complain about performance when it works so well, once its up and running. I do recommend using a EQ when trying to bring out the best of any headphones. This one is no different. When I started out using them I found the “mids” were too prevalent and “highs” and “lows” were understated. I fixed it using the EQ equipped in Spotify (My music app of choice). The overall audio quality is actually pretty good for its price range. I have no qualms with the battery life either. The box and product descriptions say it has a 10 hour battery life which feels like 30 to me being that I work 10 hour shifts and it last me about 3 work days. It also charges really fast. I timed it today using my Motorola Turbo Charger I managed to charge it in about 45mins. 1ByOne says it is supposed to last 300 stand by hours, now honestly speaking I did not test this but who needs 12 plus days of standby time?

Value: 4.5
This is an excellent value for what you are getting. You can't really ask for more...

Around the Web: 4.7
This product is currently holding a 4.7 on amazon

Final Thoughts:
These are currently my favorite bluetooth earbuds that I own. They are inexpensive and work almost as advertised. There are a few pet peeves that I could easily look over. I highly recommend this product.

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