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Weekly Wrap Up - Week of 6/5/2016

#E3 is this coming week, but gaming news is already in full swing. 
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Microsoft Details Upcoming Xbox One Summer Update. The Xbox one will be getting a slew of new features this summer. One of the biggest features being Cortana. For more information on this update check out our article HERE!!!

Nintendo Announces its Play Nintendo Tour 2016. This is basically an event where you can go and play upcoming and current Nintendo games. There will be giveaways etc. For more information and locations check out our article HERE!!!

Disney's Zootopia crosses $1 Billion in the Box office ahead of its DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Release. For more info check out our article HERE!!!

Square Enix Releases its World of Final Fantasy Trailer ahead of E3. Square has been doing this a lot lately. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad... See new images and trailer HERE!!!

Square Enix also Released a New Trailer for its Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Prologue. This game will feature a HD version of Kingdom Hearts 3D, A Cinematic version of Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep .02 (Which will use the same engine as Kingdom Hearts III). For more info and new Trailer check out our article HERE!!!

Other News: 
  • First Project Tango Phone announced to be a phone by Lenovo. You can read more about Project Tango and Lenovo's phone the Phab2Pro on their respected pages. 
  • Motorola Announces a semi Modular phone called the Moto Z. for more info and videos visit Motorola's Webpage HERE!!!
  • CAPCOM Details June update for its Blockbuster Street Fighter V. for more info click  HERE!!!
  • Sonic The Hedgehog confirmed for Lego® Dimensions.  

Coming Soon...
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