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Microsoft Details Upcoming Xbox One Update | Coming Soon

Major Nelson and Mike Ybarra discuss the upcoming features in the summer Xbox One update. 
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" Starting this summer, Xbox One and the Xbox app will receive the first of two updates that will help you stay connected with friends on Xbox Live and enjoy even more games across your favorite devices. Cortana will come to Xbox One; the Xbox and Windows Stores will start to become unified; we will begin to introduce your top PC games with Game Hubs to Xbox Live, and more. These updates are crucial to giving our fans around the world a great gaming experience wherever and whatever they play. " - Xbox Wire

Upcoming Features
  • Cortana 
  • New and improved Game Collection
  • Improved Game Sharing 
  • Ability to Edit Clips on any Video Editing Software
  • Updated Game DVR Management
  • 60FPS Clip recording with the Game Bar 
  • Share to Twitter from Xbox App 
  • Windows Game bar improved Full Screen support 
  • Top PC Games show up on Xbox Live
  • Xbox and Windows Store Convergence 
  • More Personal Activity Feed

For the most part updates are a good thing especially when they bring tons of new features. This summer Xbox One updates brings plenty of goodies. The most stand out features will be Cortana, Ability to edit clips using any video editing software, and 60FPS Clips recording w/ the game bar.