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Weekly Wrap-Up - Week of 8/9/2015

Huge week for +Samsung Mobile  with it announcements of its new flagship products. 
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Straight Outta Compton 
This film was released Friday and was unexpectedly good. 
" To be brutally honest, I had really low expectations for this film. I figured it would be just another film that would be on cable TV in about 5 months. I am glad that I was wrong." - +David L Sumner  

Samsung had their Unpacked event and announced 2 new Flagships; The Galaxy Note5 &, the Galaxy S6 Edge +
. Both are running the same innards but have a few different features on the outside. The Note5 has a Stylus &, the Edge has dual edges. 

Other News

Apparently Samsung wants us to return to the days of the Palm Treo and the Blackberry Curve with their new Keyboard cover for the Galaxy S6 edge + 

  • Square Enix Confirms that Android versions of Final Fantasy III - VI are all now compatible with Android TV. 
  • Google Announces Alphabet - Most simply put it is like a parent company for Google. Find out more in their press release

Coming Soon...
  • Minions - Film Review
  • Nuosi Deng High Quality SS Bracelet (Moto 360)
  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh
  • Windows X Review
  • Pixel Film Review

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