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Weekly Wrap Up - Week of 8/23/2015

Last full week of August... Not the biggest week news wise but there was some good stuff. 
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Rainbow Mika or R.Mika joins the Street Fighter V Roster. 

Review of Anker Astro 2nd Gen E4 13000mAh Power Bank
This is a power back that holds 13,000 mAh of power (to put into perspective; the iPad air has an 8,827 mAh .and the iPhone 6 has an 1810 mAh battery. General math says that you should be able to charge the iPad once and the iPhone 6+ twice and still have some juice to spare.), This power-bank also has a flashlight built in. " - +David L Sumner 

Rise of the Tomb Raider to get a collectors edition. 

Other News 
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X - Special Edition coming December 4th (Nintendo Wii U ) 
  • Android Wear moves to version 1.3 - Android Wear devices have been seeing updates rolling out over the past week to move the version to 1.3. This version adds Interactive Watch face support, Together Watch Face, Google Translate Micro app, as well as a Weather Micro App. (Moto 360) 

Coming Soon...
  • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F (2015) Review
  • Windows 10 Review 
  • Inside Out (2015) Review 
  • Favorite apps "Android"
  • Favorite apps " Windows"
  • Frankenphone!!! (Dream Phone) 
  • Max (2015) Review  

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