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Weekly Wrap-Up | Week of 7/26/2015

Its been a good week if you are a fan of Android devices. Both +OnePlus and +Motorola Mobility announced their flagships this week. 
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Pokken Tournament
Pokken Tournament has been announced to be coming to US arcades via Dave and Busters. For more info check out HERE!!!

+OnePlus  Announced its second device OnePlus 2
Like its predecessor the OnePlus 2 features top of the line specs with a appealing price point. But also like the OnePlus One it carries the dreadful invite system. For more info check out Here!!!

+Motorola Mobility  announced 3 devices this week and the Moto G 2015 may be the most import one they have announced. It comes in under $200 and has top of the line mid-range specs. With its UI as close to Stock android the Moto G will most likely be a huge seller. Read more HERE!!!

+Motorola Mobility  has a busy as in they also announced two Moto Xs.  
There is a catch though, only one of them will be coming to US market. The Moto X Pure is the higher end of and will be available this fall. The Moto X Play will be released in limited regions and has slightly different internals. For more information check out HERE!!!

+Nintendo  Updates MIIverse
That's right both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, received a update for Miiverse, which enabled some new features. Read more HERE!!!

We have also polled our Google+ viewers on their thoughts of +OnePlus  and +Motorola Mobility  announcements this week. The results were interesting but not that shocking. 

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