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Big Hero 6 Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III

Finally some news on the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts III.
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" The much-anticipated addition to the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise will take Sora and a cast of Disney companions to the urban setting of San Fransokyo, home of lovable robot Baymax, continuing the events of the animated film.

At D23 Expo 2015, Academy Award®-winning producer Roy Conli delighted fans with the announcement that Big Hero 6 characters will be an integral part of KINGDOM HEARTS III. In a video message for D23 attendees, Conli draws parallels between core elements of the animated film and the overarching KINGDOM HEARTS story, remarking: “Big Hero 6 is such a special film for me - and we always made sure that each action sequence had a very special meaning. The themes in KINGDOM HEARTS and Big Hero 6 match very well. For instance there’s friendship, really important to both stories, and then of course light over darkness.” - Square Enix

After the announcement of Tangled being confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3, I figured CGI films will be all in and Big Hero 6 would fit perfectly with the Kingdom Hearts Series. What film would be announced next? Will they added another CGI one? Will they bring back a older film? 

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