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Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue) - Review

Looking for a great Bluetooth Speaker but don’t to spend a fortune on it. Anker has a solution for you…
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Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

Manufacturer: Anker
Category: Speaker / Accessories
Price: $39.99

Product Description
“High definition sound and the industry's longest playtime packed into one of the smallest packages. Your mobile audio, delivered.” - Amazon

What is it?
This is a portable Bluetooth Speaker that has amazing battery life. We are talking about 20 hours on average.

What’s Hot
  • Battery Life - not only is the battery life awesome but it charges pretty fast as well.
  • Size - This thing is small and compact. I’m not sure why a lot of the competitors’ devices are so bulky…
  • Sound Quality - I’m surprised at how good the sound quality is even at maximum volume. This speaker will fill an average sized bedroom with sound.
  • Comes with a Travel pouch like most Anker products

What’s Not
  • Price - $24.99  or even $29.99 seems like a better sweet spot. Knowing Anker the price will drop eventually.
  • No skip track controls - This is more nitpicking than anything due to this feature not really being required due to you having a phone connected anyways.
  • No wall adapter - This device doesn't ship with a wall adapter

  • 4W / 2 inch Driver and Bass port
  • 15 - 20 hour playtime (2100mAh Li-ion Battery)
  • 3.5mm audio in port (For non-Bluetooth devices)
  • 33 feet Bluetooth range
  • Built-in microphone with 2 feet pickup range

Build Quality: 5
At a glance it just looks like a small cube but, when you look a bit closer it still looks like a small cube… Well it actually more rectangular being that its length is longer than its height. The blue model has a smooth matte finish which doesn’t really show fingerprints unless you shine light on it which is a plus. Buttons are all clicky and responsive which is great. The bottom has a soft rubbery material so you wont have worry about it sliding around smooth surfaces.

Audio Quality: 4.5
Probably the most important thing about a speaker is the audio quality which defiantly not a let down here. In a small room this speaker will shine the best by filling it with clear high quality audio. Even in a average sized room this sounds awesome. I’ve taken this to a Outdoor basketball courts and it's sufficient enough for half court games. For it’s size it will will be very hard to find something that can match its quality.

Performance: 4.5
In this price range you won’t find something that will last you 20 hours and produce high quality sound. I’ve had this speaker a little over 2 weeks and i’ve only charged it 3 times. I use it almost everyday, The only real issue i have is there is no connection button. The only way to connect to a different device is to disconnect from the device you are currently connected to and power off then power back on.

Value: 5
This is easily the best bluetooth speaker under $50. Anker did an awesome job with this one and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something portable and inexpensive.

Average (Amazon): 4.4

My Thoughts
Flat out it's a great buy. So far I Haven’t been disappointed with any of the Anker products that i have purchased.

For Future Revisions
  • Anker should try to make this model splash proof. I know it would be hard to do being that the speaker sits on the top of the device.
  • Anker should make it so you can connect to multiple of these at once. maybe create a app that allow you to manage that.
  • Anker should make a Hub app that allow multiple devices to connect to one speaker. With this multiple people could cue up songs in a playlist.

23.4 / 25

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