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Android Wear Solar - Review

Here is a cool watch face for those #AndroidWear lovers out there. 
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Android Wear Solar (Watchface Review)
Developer: Alxruiz | James Taylor & LLodybm4
*Note* Found this watch face in WatchMaker Community on Google Plus
Platform: Android Wear
Tested On: Moto 360
Price: Free (needs WatchMaker installed)
Where to Download:

What is it?
Android Wear Solar is a watchface made in WatchMaker for the android platform. Overall it has a simple design displaying a digital clock.

  • 12 hour clock
  • Date
  • Moon Phase
  • Weather

What’s Hot
  • Simple design
  • Looks good on both circular and square watches
  • Shows both sunrise and sunset times
  • Seeing the Moon phase is pretty cool
  • Seeing the peak times of the day is also pretty cool

What’s Not
  • Sunrise and sunset times are hard to read
  • While it has a simple and clean design it is rather dull to look at the more you use it.
  • Night-Mode is exactly the same as the Day time mode only slightly dimmer.

Design: 3.5
While I like the design it can get pretty boring if you use the watch at your normal watch face. It doesn't exactly wow you when you look at it like some other watches but it is very functional. The placement of everything is pretty good.

Features: 3.5
One of the strong points of this watchface is its features that aren’t too often seen watchfaces. The idea the implement the Sunrise / Sunset with the moon phase was a great move. I think weather could have been implement better though. The background could have been a little appealing as well.

Performance: 5
I can honestly say that this watch face works great. Haven’t have hiccups or non updates with this one.

Price: 5
While it is free i’m sure if you have to have WatchMaker Premium ($2.99) to install it. both ways i highly recommend getting the WatchMaker Premium anyways.  

Replay: 3.5
I been using this watchface for the last 1 ½ weeks and it one that I’m gonna keep installed on my watch even if it not my current Watch Face of choice.

Final Thoughts
Great Watch Face, with some cool features that are not widely found on watches.

For the Dev
You should make the Sunrise and Sunset times larger and maybe change the font of the Digital Clock. Overall Great job though.

20.5 / 25

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