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Sega Announces new Sonic The Hedgehog game Ahead of E3

Sega announces #SonicBoom #Fire&Ice for the +Nintendo #3DS

Not much information was announced besides the release a trailer and a few screenshots but you can be sure that they will release more info at E3. 

My Thoughts
Sega, Sega, Sega.... Why do you tease us with these games. Do you know what I really want from you / Sonic? How about a HD upgrade to the original Sonic Games. No, i don't mean a crappy Re-make where you take the old game concept and add new crappy mechanics to it. I mean take the original games (Sonic 1 - Knuckles), and make it blossom at 1080p. Sort of like what Capcom did with Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Edition. If they want to do something completely new, make a proper Sonic Adventure 3. I don;t want the Sonic on rails mechanics either... I want what made Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 work. 


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