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Wallpaper of the Week (6) - Camaro

That right this weeks #wallpaper of the week is one of the most attractive american cars ever made. #Carporn #Camaro 

So I'll be completely honest... I have never liked the look of the Camaro until the redesign in 2010. That's right i hated the car for four generations spanning over 5 decades. I find the Camaro's sportier brother the Chevy Corvette more appealing. Now its a little different though, the Camaro is easily the best looking muscle car. 

About the Artist
Name: Wickdart
Style: 3D
"I am a 3D + VFX artist from India... I'm really passionate about graphics... I am a vehicle enthusiast... I do a lot of car modeling and rendering
Tools of the Trade: 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, & VRay
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For more on Wickdart check out his facebook and deviantart pages. 

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