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Nintendo @ E3 2014 Wrap-up

As #E3 starts to appear in my rear view mirror, I am starting to realize how good #Nintendo showing really was.
I'm not gonna lie, I despise how Nintendo opts to not do a traditional over the top E3 press conference like they used to do pre Wii U. Does that equal to a bad E3 for them...? Well, No but it doesn't really help them either. This year though Nintendo, even without having a traditional press conference, shown off more than its competitors. I think I'm starting to understand what they were trying to accomplish this year. Why have a 90 min. press conference and then go silent for the next 3-4 days, when you can release news and have entertainment all week...

What did they Show? 
If you are a Nintendo Fan you probably already know what they shown or at least have a good idea. 

Amiibos - Wii U (NFC Toy) 

Yoshi's Woolly World (2015 Wii U) 

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014 Wii U)

The Legend of Zelda {No official Subtitle Yet}(2015 Wii U)

Pokemon: Omega Ruby | Alpha Sapphire (November 21, 2014 3DS)
Bayonetta 2 w/ Bayonetta 1 extra content (October 2014 Wii U)
Hyrule Warriors (September 26, 2014 Wii U)
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)
Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015)
Mario Maker (2015)
Splatoon (2015)
and more...

The didn't only just show off games, they also held a Super Smash Bros Tournament (Smash-Fest).  

I feel they had a strong showing but they still didn't were lacking in games I was looking for. If they announced a new Metroid game I feel they would have knocked it out of the park. Also there was like no 3rd party support what so ever.  

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