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Nintendo Sets Japan's Wii U Price and Release Date

Nintendo has released the pricing and packaging details for the Japanese version of the Wii U. It will come in 2 flavors, white being the basic version going for ¥26,250 w/ tax included equals to $337.87.
The basic version includes a white Wii U w/ 8GB storage, a white Wii U Gamepad, as well as a white stylus. You can also expect 2 AC adaptors (one for the console and one for the gamepad), and a HDMI Cable. They haven’t mentioned if you will receive component or composite cables as well.

The Second version that will be available is the premium version which comes in black. It will retail at ¥31,500 which is approximately $405.63 w/ Tax included. This package comes in black with 32GB of storage. This package includes Nintendo Premium, and everything else that comes with the basic version as well as 2 stands and a charging dock.
Nintendo Network Premium is a discount program that is only available for the Premium package Wii U, and will focus on those who like to download a lot of content.

They have also announced the pricing for their accessories.
Gamepad - ¥13,440 = $173.13 (Nintendo must really not people to have more than one smh)
Pro Controller - ¥5,040 = $64.93
Gamepad Stand - ¥315 = $4.06
Charge & Play Stand - ¥1,890 = $24.35

First party launch titles will be available both digitally and in retail stores
New Super Mario Bros. U - ¥5,985 = $77.11
Nintendo Land - ¥4,925 = $63.59

***Note that these pricing are not localized and will most likely be 20% cheaper in the US, meaning the premium Price of the Wii U will be 299.99 + 8.25% tax (depending on where you live) = about $324.74 ***
Releases DEC 8 2012 in Japan 



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