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HP 3 - Button Mouse Review

USB 3-Button Optical Muse
Manufacture: HP
Platform: Microsoft Window XP and up
Price: $12.74

Item Description:
“The HP KY619AA 3-Button USB Mouse makes use of light instead of ball control movement for enhanced performance. This highly-sensitive 3-button optical mouse is designed to offer maximum comfort while working. The scroll wheel in this mouse enables easy page navigation and the buttons work well, too. This HP optical mouse offers great value for your money.” –via

Box Features:
-          Rubber Scroll wheel improves grip and feel
-          Smooth and fast scroll wheel for optimum control and accuracy
-          High precision optical sensor – 1000 dpi
-          Comfortable high-tech design
·         USB connectivity for easy plug and play use
·         No driver or CD installation software needed

What is it?
It is a standard HP 3 button optical mouse that can be used for your PCs. I haven’t really tested it yet but I’m pretty sure that this mouse can be used with Macs as well.

Does it Work?
So far so good… It works how you would expect a mouse to work.

-          Good Build quality
-          Pretty cheap for a quality mouse
-          Pretty good size (not too bulky and not to small)
-          Has a smooth feel even when you aren’t using it on a mouse pad
-          Pretty good wire length

-          Though the design is nice it is a little dull
-          Clicking is a loud (Mostly because it is new)

My Thoughts:
After using the mouse for a few days I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like it. It works like a charm and it comfortable in the hand.

Where to buy?
Amazon has the cheapest price

Build Quality: 4

Features: 3.5

Price: 5

Average Score: 4.5

Score: 17/20




  1. on a side note, I can't believe they still include the old mouses with the ball style in new computers anymore. Are PC companies really that cheap?

    1. I didnt even know they still make those lol. I haven't owned one since like 2005ish.


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