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iPhone5 Roundup, Impressions, ETC

So the iPhone5 has been announced / confirmed. 
How bout we take a look....

What is it?
The iPhone5 is the 5th generation iPhone that all of cool kids been waiting for to show android nerds that Apple still remains supreme…
Set to release September 21, 2012

Does it accomplish this?
Well…. Not exactly... Basically what you are getting is a slightly redesigned iPhone. The screen is now bigger measuring in at 4inches with the same brilliant retina display displaying an aspect ratio of 16:9. This is a plus in that it will be good for displaying high quality video. The overall design is familiar as different at the same time. You will be able to tell a difference in the weight as it is 20% lighter than the previous iPhone. The iPhone5 is also not completely made of glass like the last one (I think this has a lot to do with its weight loss).You will also be getting the all new apple designed A6 chip which is powerful but also energy efficient. The Apple A6 Chip is about twice as fast and the A5 chip found in its predecessor. Finally the redesigned ear buds will be openly welcomed by the masses. Oh yeah bout don’t call them ear buds the are now “Earpods” (Oh Apple you really know how to make even the simplest thing seem more elegant / significant.

Ok so... what is new again?
·         Slightly redesigned iPhone and lighter design
·         Larger Screen  measuring in at 4inches  
·         8MP iSight Camera
·         Redesigned ear buds  eh I mean Earpods
·         A6 Processor (more power less energy)
·         It now can be considered a 4G device as it supports LTE

What phone is the iPhone5’s biggest competitor?
Right now I will have to say the Samsung Galaxy III.

How do they compare? Which one is better?

The iPhone5 has 8MP camera that they are tagging iSight, which is basically a high quality 8MP camera but the surface of the lens is not glass it is sapphire crystal. So saying that the pictures will come in crystal clear won’t be an overstatement. This camera is also capable of 1080p video

The Samsung Galaxy S III has an 8MP camera as well being capable of taking 1080p video.

Winner: Slight edge to the iPhone5

The iPhone5 has a 4inch Retina display with aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1136x640

The SGSIII has a 4.8inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1280x720

Winner: Though the retina display is crystal clear it can’t beat a 4.8inch 720p super AMOLED screen. The SGSIII wins this one.

The iPhone5 is rocking the all new Apple A6 which is powerful and energy efficient.

The GSIII come in 2 different flavors depending on where you live. In the US it has a Snapdragon S4 which is a Powerhouse as well as energy efficient. In other regions the GSIII has an Exynos 4412 which is a quad core beast.

Winner: Its a Tie though this may change. Apple is claiming that the A6 is capable of Console graphics and that it is twice as fast as the A5 which was a pretty good processor so it this remains to be true and keep good battery life I’ll give the edge to the iPhone.

The iPhone5 comes in the same flavors as its predecessor which is 16, 23, and 64GB with no SD slot.

The Samsung GSIII comes with 16 or 32GB or storage with up to 64GB of Expandable memory via micro SD slot theoretically giving it up to 96GB of storage.

Winner: SGSIII
Front Facing Camera:
The iPhone5 has a .09MP camera

The GSIII has a 1.9MP Camera

Winner: SGSIII


Winner: iPhone5 (Let’s face it they both are sexy devices but come on it’s like comparing a Ferrari 458 Italia to a Corvette ZR1)

Operating Systems:

Winner: Android w/ Touch Wiz (Ok IOS6 just looks dated, Apple seriously needs to consider redesigning it. I don’t get why the f*** the Apple “Tools” don’t seem to complain that IOS is just boring after all these years? Yeah they touch it up here and there but come on I can be the only one thinking this…) (In Apple’s defense I’ll have to say at least it doesn’t feel like you are constantly beta testing a phone that you paid hard earned cash for.)

App Stores:
Winner: It a tie (In the past iTunes would the Apps Store would easily win but not anymore)

Overall: iPhone5 = 4
             Galaxy SIII = 6

My Thoughts:
Both phones are great but if I had to pick one I would go with the SGSIII because it is the better bang for the buck. On another note I will be picking up the new iPod Touch eventually though.