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Nintendo Press Event NYC (Wii U Release Date and Pricing)

Nintendo held a press event this morning in NYC and revealed some New Info about their new home console the Wii U.

First off, the console will come in 2 different sets. The white one is the basic set and retails at $299.99. It will include…

·         White 8GB Wii U Console and Gamepad
·         2 AC adaptors, one for the console and one for the Gamepad
·         A/V Cable(s) {not sure if it will be HDMI like the Japanese model}

The Deluxe Model will retail at $349.99 and will include…

·         Black 32GB Wii U Console and Gamepad
·         Charging dock for the Gamepad
·         AC adaptor and A/V Cable(s) {not sure if it will be HDMI like the Japanese model}

Also during the even Nintendo Announced “Nintendo TVii” which is a Media guide that is viewed and totally controlled by the Wii U Gamepad. This guide will allow you to access what is on T.V, sport scores, movie and T.V. information, movie trailers and much more. The experience is personalized to the user and is deeply connected to social networks as well. For example if you are watching a sporting event let say the Jets game and the Jets score a touchdown. You will be able to share the a picture of the receiver making the catch into the end zone with social networks such as Facebook and twitter without having to use your phone or going on your computer.

I look forward to picking up mine this November...
The Wii U Release date is Set for November 18, 2012 (I’m sure this surprised no one because all of Nintendo’s previous home consoles going back to the GameCube released on the second to last Sunday of November.) placing it to release in the United States before Japan and Europe.

For more info visit the Nintendo Wii U home page