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Temple Run Quick Review for IOS and Android

Temple Run
Developer: Imangi Studios
Version: Android 1.0.4 | IOS 1.4.1
Platform: Android & IOS

What is it...
Temple run is a 3D "on-track" game where you have to try to escape the temple from the evil monkeys, and try to set the high score. You control your character by tilting your phone from side to side, and swiping up to jump and, down to slide.  During the game you can unlock power ups, new characters  etc. with the coins that you collect while you are trying to escape an set the high score. 

- Graphics
- Addictive
- Controls are fluid

- Audio is lacking
- it gets frustrating after a while
- Scenery get repetitive

My Thoughts...
Personally i don't really care for too many games on android / IOS  because they get rather boring really quick but i found this one addictive and for the most part it looks good as well.

Graphics - 4.5
Controls - 4.5  
Replay - 4.5
Performance / Stability - 4 (it runs smoothly on my HTC Sensation & iPad2)
Google Play / Itunes - 4.5