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Otter Box for the HTC Sensation Review

Otter Box Commuter Series 
HTC Sensation 4G / XE 
Price: $34.95 Official Website Price 
$24.07 Amazon Price

Looking for a case for your HTC Sensation that is both attractive and durable enough to withstand a fall or 2...? Them this case could be the one for you. 

Amazon Product Description
"The OtterBox Commuter; Series case for the HTC Sensation offers the best of both worlds; incorporating elements from the rugged Defender; Series line with the silicone, skin-like Impact; Series line to create a slick case designed with your style in mind. It's protection without the bulk. The exposed silicone corners dissipate impact away from the device for additional bump and shock protection and the smooth outer layer allows the case to easily slide into your pocket or purse. All buttons are fully functional through the case and the audio jack and USB port are accessible through silicone plugs."

- Durable 
- 3 Part Case (Polycarbonate shell, Rubber case, Screen Protector) 
- Stylish Polycarbonate Design
- Doesn't Block the features of the phone (the last case blocked the Proximity Sensor and part of the front facing camera after a while)
- Covers for headphone jack and micro-usb port 
- Warranty (a lot of people dont realize this but if your case gets badly damaged Otter Box will send you a New one... You cant really beat that!!!) 

- Price (Ok now they range depending on where you get it but for the most part they average around $24.00) I have seen cheapest here though this is the one i actually have... Official Web Page 
- Color and designs vary by device (if you dont have an iPhone you are ass'd out in verity) 

 My Thoughts:
I have only had the case going on 2 days now and i have to say I can already tell a huge difference in build quality over the case i had before (Dual Layer Case). I love the feel of the polycarbonate shell and how snug the rubber fells around the phone. On the downside only time will tell how well covers for the headphone jack and micro usb will last with out wearing / breaking / drive me crazy.     

Build Quality: 3.5
Price / Value: 3
Customization: 3.5
Popular Vote: 3.3