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Rabbit Launcher - Quick Android App Review

Rabbit Launcher 3D Home Theme 
Version: 1.0.1

Market Description:
“Rabbit Launcher (a light-weight, quick high-performance Android 3D home launcher) provides for a vivid 3D user experience along with available Rabbit Launcher themes found at Google Play. You’ll find a whole new world that surpasses the 2D Go Launcher or other 3D Android Launcher out there!” 

What is it?
Rabbit Launcher is a fairly new home replacement for the android platform, similar to that of Go! Launcher, ADW, and Launcher Pro. These shells basically replace your normal UI with a customized skin, think or how Touch Wiz or HTC’s Sense changes stock android’s UI. 

- Clean UI 
- Cool animated dock 
- Convenient App draw 
- Clock Widget is cool 
- Cool Themes 
- Not a RAM Hog

- Not as smooth as they claim it to be 
- Home Screen Lag (Go into to an app and press the home button to exit. If it takes a noticeable amount of time to return to the home screen then I consider it to be lag. 
- You can’t have less then 5 home screens. 

- You can’t choose a default home screen (it’s always the first one) 

- No full circle scrolling through home screens 
- Lacking in customization 

My Thoughts:
Rabbit launcher is pretty decent launcher, it is not the best but it isn’t the worst either. Seeing that it is only on version 1.0.1 I’m guessing that it is a fairly new launcher and that it can only get better from here. My biggest gripe about the launcher is that it has a noticeable home lag, and it lacks in the customization department. 

UI: 4
Stability: 4.5
Performance: 3
Features: 3
Average: 4.4 



  1. Thanks for your review! Yes, you are right, there is much room for improvement...Just to let you know, we have receently updated the launcher and will constantly update it to make it the best launcher out there. :)

    1. No problem and, I will keep an eye on this launcher.

  2. It's screwing up my Galaxy S3! pls help.

    1. Cool thing about android is that can remove apps that you dont like. If this launcher isnt working for you there are a few way you can uninstall it.

      1) go into system settings (or settings) then scrolls till you see Apps or applications. Click on it then scroll till you find the launcher name and click on it. there should be an option to uninstall app. click it and it will remove the app permanently.

      2) go into the market app, click menu then go to my apps. click the pane that says installed and then scroll till you find the launcher and click uninstall.

      3) i dont really recommend this option but you can go into System settings, scroll to backup / reset and click it. There should be a option to format or erase all data. (this will restore you phone to factory defaults along with erasing all you personal data off of the phone.)

      Hope i helped


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