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Rabbit Launcher - Quick Android App Review

Rabbit Launcher 3D Home Theme 
Version: 1.0.1

Market Description:
“Rabbit Launcher (a light-weight, quick high-performance Android 3D home launcher) provides for a vivid 3D user experience along with available Rabbit Launcher themes found at Google Play. You’ll find a whole new world that surpasses the 2D Go Launcher or other 3D Android Launcher out there!” 

What is it?
Rabbit Launcher is a fairly new home replacement for the android platform, similar to that of Go! Launcher, ADW, and Launcher Pro. These shells basically replace your normal UI with a customized skin, think or how Touch Wiz or HTC’s Sense changes stock android’s UI. 

- Clean UI 
- Cool animated dock 
- Convenient App draw 
- Clock Widget is cool 
- Cool Themes 
- Not a RAM Hog

- Not as smooth as they claim it to be 
- Home Screen Lag (Go into to an app and press the home button to exit. If it takes a noticeable amount of time to return to the home screen then I consider it to be lag. 
- You can’t have less then 5 home screens. 

- You can’t choose a default home screen (it’s always the first one) 

- No full circle scrolling through home screens 
- Lacking in customization 

My Thoughts:
Rabbit launcher is pretty decent launcher, it is not the best but it isn’t the worst either. Seeing that it is only on version 1.0.1 I’m guessing that it is a fairly new launcher and that it can only get better from here. My biggest gripe about the launcher is that it has a noticeable home lag, and it lacks in the customization department. 

UI: 4
Stability: 4.5
Performance: 3
Features: 3
Average: 4.4